AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Review

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Review

The processing unit is the brain of the device that controls, commands, and performs all the tasks; that’s why you need to opt for a top-notch processor. In the computing industry, AMD and Intel are major sellers of the most compatible and performance-wise great processor units, but AMD has outshined Intel in all aspects.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Review

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Review

AMD Company

AMD, also called Advanced Micro Devices, is among the foremost semiconductor companies around the globe for manufacturing high-end processors, graphics, and other technologies. The company was founded in 1969 in the United States and now has its roots in many different parts of the world.

This American multinational brand has a strong grip on the consumer market for selling the best quality processing units for gamers, developers, and heavy-duty programmers at an affordable cost.

The biggest competitor of AMD in the marketplace is Intel, which is another top-notch company, but because AMD products are comparatively less expensive, consumers prefer them. Don’t get this wrong! The affordability of the AMD range doesn’t mean any compromise over performance as the company has engineered abundant of front-running processing units that will bring accuracy, smoothness, and ultimate speed to your PC performance.

AMD is not limited to processing units only, as this multinational company has produced a line of products. The common supplies of AMD include graphic processors, flash memories, motherboard chip sets, and other components for electronic items. However, the product that makes AMD a dominant seller in the market is the powerful and highly stable processor at a good price. In a nutshell, AMD is the only brand that offers both excellent performance and value for money.

AMD Processors

As I said before, AMD is a multinational company that engineered many different products and solutions for electronic goods consumers. However, the brand has a strong grip on high-end gaming processors because of the unmatchable speed, overclocking, high memory, wide compatibility, and whatnot.

The AMD processor series has been recognized around the world and their processors are most suitable for gamers, high-end developers, programmers, and content creators.

Among all processors, 5800X stands out for many obvious reasons. This is a top-class gaming processor that can be used for other tasks as well. It features excellent performance, speed, memory, compatibility, and price.

In this blog, we will uncover all the facts, truths, and gaps about the AMD Ryzen 7. I believe after this fruitful discussion on the AMD Ryzen 7, you’ll stand in a position to make a reliable decision based on the application.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

The 5800X is an octa-core processor which stands out for featuring high-end performance. It is the desktop microprocessor that was introduced in 2020 and has still been recognized in the market. So far, there are many obvious reasons that convince you to buy the AMD Ryzen 7 like its boost frequency, speedy operation, wide compatibility, multiple connectivity ports, and overall promising overclocking performance.

Probably, no matter what you’re buying, the price is always a point to ponder. That’s why AMD has launched this high-class processor at a good price range. Believe me or not, you will be impressed by overall performance and value for the money. Let’s discuss each of the traits of the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor in depth below.


The memory of the processor is also sometimes known as cache memory where the computer or your device temporarily stores the data. The memory is integrated into the processor in the form of a chip or disk, and it is of great importance as it directly influences the performance and speed of the processor and overall computer unit. Likewise, the Ryzen 7 processor supported 128 GiB DDR4-3200 memory.

DDR4 random access memory is the upgraded version of DDR3 RAM and is designed to deliver better speed and performance. The best thing about DDR4 is that it reduces the rate of power consumption without impacting the processing negatively.

According to the factsheet, the DDR4 RAM cut down the voltage consumption by 40% as compared to the DDR3 and it also improves the bandwidth and performance of the central processing unit by 50% more than its predecessors.

The 5800X also features smart access memory which is an innovative and advanced technology patented by AMD. This new technology aims to increase the memory of the processor and reduce the need for a memory upgrade for the users. In other words, you don’t need any external memory support to run heavy software and perform high-end tasks like video production, content creation, gaming, and so forth.

Memory Speed

Memory speed refers to the time that RAM consumes to receive the command from the processor and take the action. By action, it means the process to read and write the command in order to save it in the memory chip. As a rule of thumb, you should always opt for better memory speed processors as they will deliver overall fast, smooth, and optimum performance.

The 5800X offers a memory speed of 3200MHz, which means 3.2 billion cycles in no more than a second. This memory speed is enough for outstanding performance and processing. It would be right to say that the memory speed of the 5800X is one of the reasons why this processor is considered great for high-level tasks including gaming.


The performance of the 5800X is another striking element that makes it suitable for high-end tasks like content creation, video gaming, web development, and more. As far as AMD is concerned, the biggest strength of this brand is its multi-threaded performance that has made their latest processors including the 5800X multitasking and versatile.

Compression Performance

Compression is simply the trading of cycles of the central processing unit for bytes and it is not always good. However, the primary perks of compression include a reduction in the transmission time of data, communication bandwidth, and storage hardware.

This actually aims to reduce the overall cost and delivers a budget-friendly experience to the users. The compressed files basically need less space, time, and power than the uncompressed files and cause a significant change in terms of performance.

The 5800X processor features high-quality seven-zip compression performance. It is engineered to manage the 10900K effortlessly as it is 24% faster and more efficient than its predecessors. In other words, the compression performance of the 5800X processor is outstanding, making this unit one of the fastest octa-core CPUs available by AMD.

Decompression Performance

Decompression means the restoration of the data that was compressed initially. The decompression is based on different kinds of algorithms, and it is required for all compressed data types: lossy compression and lossless compressed data. In the decompression process, the central processing unit scans the compressed file and transforms it into its initial version without deteriorating the quality.

In comparison to the predecessor (AMD 3700X), the 5800X processor decompression performance is quite promising. All thanks to the eight-core unit that not only compresses the file effectively but also decompresses it when needed without a gap. Both of these processes work in a loop, and as far as the 5800X processor is concerned, you’ll not get disappointed.


The expansion or expansion slot is used to connect the adapter to the motherboard chip. These slots vary with their capacity with respect to bits, like some expansion slots are able to transfer more bits at a time to the adapter connected while others have lesser slots available. The purpose of connecting the adapters to the board is to transfer the signals.

The 5800X processor has sixteen slots for graphic processors and four for storage enhancers. It is compatible with the SATA Express and NVMe adapters. Overall, enough expansion slots are available with the 5800X processing unit; you will not need to update.


The number of cycles that a central processor can execute in a second is called its clock cycle or clock. There are two terms used in this context: anti-clocking and overclocking, where anti-clocking is not a good process as it reduces the cycling of the processing unit and negatively impacts the speed and performance. Conversely, overclocking increases the clock speed of the central processing unit and extends its performance and efficiency.

The 5800X is designed to overclock around 4.7 GHz to improve performance and speed. However, I don’t encourage overclocking 5800X processing because its single-core performance is compromised when you boost out the chip. Also, the overclocking in this processor has no significant impact on the overall performance.

Integrated Graphics

The integrated graphics unit does not have a separate memory as it uses the memory of the processor. The central processing units have built-in integrated graphics that aim to consume minimum power and reduce heat production. Also, the integrated graphics are meant to improve the longevity of the central processing unit by balancing the overall workload.

Unfortunately, the 5800X processor lacks integrated graphics which is one of the reasons why this unit overheats when you put a heavy load of work on it. However, there are a couple of built-in systems to tackle the overheating issue and you can fix it also by applying the power-saving mode, etc., which I’ll discuss in the next heading.


Though the 5800X is a multifunctional, versatile, and heavy-duty processor, it still heats up when loaded with heavy tasks. To mitigate the overheating issue, the creators have added the thermal paste which is an insulating material filled in the gaps to reduce the heat generated and bring optimum speed and performance. Sometimes, the thermal paste is not enough to tackle heating as the system gets very hot and reaches up to 72 C.

Unfortunately, the 5800X does not include a cooling fan or liquid cooler, so you need to add one externally. To be honest, this processor requires a cooler that maintains its speed, heavy workload, and performance. I really recommend the latest liquid or water cooling systems these days that help to reduce the temperature of the processing unit by up to 20C and optimize the speed, efficiency, and performance of the system.


A processor alone is like a car without a driver; thus, you need to opt for a compatible motherboard. Don’t worry! You don’t need to search here and there to find the most compatible and performance-wise perfect board for the 5800X processor because AMD has got you covered by launching the motherboard chipsets for this processor. The 5800X goes best with the X571 motherboard and the B550 motherboard by AMD.

In the context of the X571 motherboard, I recommend the MSI Meg X571 for its heavy-duty processing, wide connectivity options, and more.

It is most suitable for the 5800X and the duo makes all heavy-duty tasks like content creation, video editing, programming, gaming, developing, and more super smooth and effortless by optimizing the speed and performance. In a few words, there is nothing to compromise on including memory, speed, connectivity, etc., with this picture-perfect duo.

If you are looking for the perfect motherboard chipset in the B550 series, there is no better choice than Gigabyte B550M. It would be right to say that this motherboard is specially designed for the 5800X processor as it comes with an integrated cooling system that tackles the overheating issue and delivers excellent performance. This duo features everything you expect from a top-notch system designed for heavy-duty functions.


Not every processor is meant to tackle all workloads, they are task-specific. Likewise, the 5800X is designed for heavy-duty tasks, especially gaming. It is an octa-core multi-thread processor that features high performance, speed, and compatibility. In a nutshell, the gaming performance of the 5800X is quite impressive in comparison to its predecessors.


  • Great architecture
  • Support PCIe 4.0
  • Multi-thread performance
  • Designed for gamers
  • Wide compatibility


  • Lacks cooler

That’s all for the 5800X review! Overall, this octa-core multi-thread processor is one of the flagship units manufactured by AMD. It is best suited for gamers because of its high-speed functioning, wide compatibility, and endless performance. Nothing is perfect and there is always room for improvement! Likewise, the AMD 5800X lacks a cooler which is a drawback, but you can externally add a liquid cooling system to reduce the overheating issues.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X Review


Is a 5800X good for gaming?

The 5800X is designed for gaming and other high-end tasks. In this sequence, this octa-core multi-thread processor features high performance, speed, and compatibility. That’s not word of mouth, to be honest, the gaming performance of the 5800X is quite impressive in comparison to its predecessors.

What GPU do I need?

The 5800X processor lacks integrated graphics, so you need to buy one separately. The Radeon RX 6800 XT GPU by AMD is best suited for the 5800X because it consumes minimum power, reduces heat production, and improves the longevity of the central processing unit by balancing the overall workload.

Does 5800X need cooling?

Yes, because 5800X processor gets overheated when loaded with heavy tasks continuously. Though it comes with a built-in thermal paste that aims to fill the gap and reduce the temperature of this processor, the 5800X still requires a cooler that maintains its speed, heavy workload, and performance.

What is a good motherboard for 5800X?

In my opinion, the MSI Meg X571 is a perfect motherboard for the 5800X processor because of its heavy-duty processing, wide connectivity options, excellent memory speed, and overclocking performance. It comes with an integrated cooling system that tackles the overheating issue and delivers excellent performance. Read this AMD 5800X review to check compatibility of this processing unit.


The 5800X processor’s performance is quite promising, especially for gamers. It is incorporated with the latest technologies and memory setup by AMD which has taken the shine out of the Intel flagship processors. It is a viable option, not only for gamers, but also for high-end content creators, developers, programmers, coders, software engineers, and network system administrators.

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